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Why Is VR The Next Big Thing

By Nick Caver / 2016-10-14

Nowadays there is a lot of talking going on about VR ( Virtual Reality ), even media and news are making articles about it. Let’s start from the beginning what is VR? The simplest explanation is that it is a type of computer technology that is designed to create the simulated environment.


Unlike regular user interfaces, the Virtual Reality tries to put the user in the experience. By using a VR users get more immersed into the games or videos. The idea behind VR is to stimulate as many senses as possible while playing like touch, vision, hearing and even sense of smell.

Technology in the VR

Virtual reality headsets can be easily recognized by the HMD which stands for head mounted display. The VR requires 3 things, console, mobile or PC to run the game you want to play, the actual headset which can be sometimes a smartphone and some controllers or sensors to track your movement. The job of the VR headset is to create a virtual world and fool you into believing that is everything life-sized. They are designed to track your head movement and follow you to make you feel like you are in that virtual world and you are controlling it.

There are two specially designed lenses that are placed between your eyes and the “screen”. The purpose of those lenses is to reshape a picture for both eyes and create a 3D image. These VR headsets are doing everything to make the user feel more immersed into that virtual environment. They can accomplish that by increasing the field of view, most of the headsets have around 110-degree field of view which is more than enough to trick the brain.

Now you might understand better how exactly VR works and why it is becoming so popular these days. Everyone that loves video games had the dream to one day be inside the actual game while playing and now VR can bring that dream even closer using advanced technology.

We can expect that VR changes the gaming world totally one day.

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