Star Citizen – Future of the open-space games

Star Citizen gameplay

Many developers tried to create an ultimate space exploration game, and some of them came close to achieving it. But none of them managed to create a game that will allow the player to invest hundreds of hours into it. Starlancer was close to that, and for more than a decade, it remained as a go-to game when it comes to fun and exciting space game.

Many games become repetitive after a while, and that makes players give up on the game. Star Citizen is an upcoming game that might set a new standard when it comes to free-roaming space gaming. Whether it will succeed in it or fail miserably like many others remains unknown.

The current state of the Star Citizen

Star Citizen game 1Star Citizen is a crowd-funded project which means that many people are eagerly expecting its full release. Many delays made people doubt that this project will reach the final stage. The problem wasn’t in the amount of cash that was collected, but the goal that was used to obtain it. In this Star Citizen is similar to No Man’s Sky, as the goal is a world-changing game that will redefine the world of space games. No Man’s Sky failed and that caused a lot of uproars. Many people backed out and took a refund over a game that was unable to deliver promises.

Star Citizen is already out, and the latest update will make it several times more interesting than it is at the moment. So, developers didn’t fail to deliver when it comes to things that are implemented. The problem with this product is the long time that it takes for developers to add various options to the game. What we have now is less than a one-tenth of the product we are promised, and that isn’t reassuring considering how long it took for the developing team to create this. Delays and rescheduling of the update releases make it even worse for those that investing their hard-earned money into this project.

What to expect from this project?

Developers of the Star Citizen are continually working on improving their product, and that is reassuring for many players. Delays may plague the process, but updates are coming out, and the game is becoming better with every new update. If they succeed in developing everything they promised then the final product would be a game people will play for hundreds of hours.

You can buy their game even in this Early Access form, and you will get to support the developer and play the game as it develops. You can also enter the referral program that will also provide support to the developing team and help them release the game sooner than they planned.

In the end, this is a game that started as a crowdfunding project and delays, and other obstacles are to be expected. Developers need time to deliver on their promises, and any help they can get from players is excellent. If you like space exploration games, then think about helping them release the full version of this uncut jewel.

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