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Specification And Review Of Latest MacBook Pro

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-02
Macbook Pro

The latest MacBook pro is more powerful and much faster than any other previous model. This new MacBook Pro is extremely thin and light. If has the most colorful and brightest display ever. This model introduces for the first time in the MacBook Pro series the Touch Bar.

Black laptop

This is essentially a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass material that has been built in the keyboard to provide for the user an instant access to any tool they want, whenever they need. There are two different model types of the latest MacBook Pro, you can choose from a 13-inch model and a 15 inch one.

About the Touch Bar

The Mac’s new Touch Bar is proven to be a very good addition to the new model. The idea behind the Touch Bar is to replace the basic function keys that have been built in throughout the years in every Mac model. Apple wanted to make this model more capable and versatile from others. The Touch Bar is designed to change automatically based on what the user is doing. It will show the user relevant tools that most people know how to use like volume mixer, brightness adjustment, various intelligent typing features and much more.

As mentioned before this Touch technology is first time introduces to the MacBook Pro series.

Most Colorful Mac Display

The display that is built into the new MacBook Pro is the best one so far. This display can deliver brighter whites and darker blacks. It has increased contrast ratio and uses bright LED backlighting for maximum image quality. The Display offers the user variable refresh rate that makes this model more power efficient than any other previous model from the series.

keys on laptop

With this display, graphic design and editing seem easier because the pictures look more realistic by bringing up vivid details. This model of MacBook Pro uses P3 Color, which adds 25 % more colors to the scale.

The Mac Speakers

The speakers in this new Mac model have been changed. They are now capable of providing up to 58 % more volume than the previous ones. The bass is now almost two and a half times louder for generating the perfect sounds. Because they are connected directly to the system power they can deliver more peak power. These speakers made the MacBook pro the best choice for anyone that is into music or video editing.

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