People are becoming more and more alienated with social networking computers nowadays. We have all become “pink monkeys” trained to react to the sounds that our cell phones and smartphones are producing and expecting some sort of attention and validation from it and that attention is what is basically Pavlof experiment.

Facebook feed, Instagram or Twitter

We all live some lives on social media that are mostly fake and there is a certain type of depression behind all of it on global level. From my own perspective and experience I can vouch for it. Every single aspect of our lives, every single emotion and thing that we do in real life, we have that urge, need to share it on social media with other people, with “friends and followers” because sometimes sharing is caring, but in another way it is a bit much, nobody cares who did what, what movie you watched or what book read. Everybody’s becoming more and more obsessed with themselves and it’s all one big ode to narcissism.
Porn industry is on the incline because people are not aroused to watch porn they are mostly lonely and loneliness is what sells not pornography(sex) and that is just sad.

Our guide is our Google

We have all became very smart since we have Google and everything is in our fingertips you today reminds me on the song of Simon and Garfunkel “people bow and pray to the neon God they made”. Our guide is our Google and we all are one big mass of “pink monkeys” praying to the Google and hoping that Google will help us and guide us with some questions that in olden days we would spend hours in libraries and between dusty books to find our answers.


If you want to learn something new you can Google it every information that you need you can always “google it” but what’s actually going on with our brains are we “de-evolving”? What future brings us is uncertainty because we just go with the flow and let machines be a big part of our lives; it’s like a crutch that helps us in many ways of course it’s not all negative there are some positive things to it, but it’s still we are all depending so much on the Internet on computers and everything that comes with it.

Facebook feed, Instagram or Twitter

We no longer converse with each other, we just stare at our phones, waiting for someone to like our posts, waiting for that crumb of attention from someone special or not so special. We don’t live our lives, we take selfies, we take photos of the food that we ate, why do we all have that urge to over share? Fit in?
On the other hand I’m using the dictation app on my smartphone now to write this blog so I’m being very hypocritical about everything that I just said, but at least I’m aware of what is going on, what is happening with me I know that I have a problem and I know that I need my computer and my smartphone I need my Internet*.

Social Media Logotype Background

Not just me, we all depend on it so much on technology, computers, smartphones, Internet, so what will happen if one day we all just lose everything, lose the Internet; what will happen one day when we disconnect? When are we going to realize that life is not on our Facebook feed, Instagram or Twitter? Probably once when it’s too late… “How terribly sad is that humans are made in such way to get used to something as extraordinary as living” (Jostein Gaarder)
We all follow, like, aim to be liked, followed..It’s all one big charade, dog and pony show. And it’s all one big distraction from what we should all turn to – present (gift).

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