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Best VR Headsets For 2017

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-23

If you are planning on buying a VR headset, it is good to know which one is the best and why. We have gathered some crucial information about the most popular ones so you can make your choice by comparing them.


Before we start listing the headsets you need to know that there are 2 types of VR headsets Mobile and Tethered. There is a major difference between those two types. The Mobile VR headsets are much cheaper because they are using your smartphone as a source to display videos. All that they really have is a pair of lenses that are placed between the user eyes and the phone to shape the image so it would appear more 3D. The only thing that is maybe better with Mobile VR headset is that they don’t require any wires to connect you just simply place your phone inside and play. However, the quality is not even close to the Tethered ones. They might be more expensive but in the end, it is worth investing a little more to have better quality.

Mobile VR Headsets

Samsung Gear VR– As you can tell this VR headset was made by Samsung and it is made to be compatible with only Samsung smartphones. Sadly, that limits the number of users because nobody will buy Samsung phone just to be able to use their VR headset. For that money, you could buy a Tethered VR that has far higher quality. But the people that own a Samsung smartphone that is compatible with the headset it is quite a good deal.


Google Daydream View– This is the newest VR headset from Google, it works same as their cardboard version. It requires only a smartphone to work, has already built in lenses to immerse the user in the virtual environment. Comes with a pair of remote controllers that users hold in their hands to control actions.

Tethered VR Headsets

HTC VIVE-by using all the information we gathered from other headsets, we can say for sure that the HTC VIVE is the BEST VR headset that is available now on the market. In the package, you get the headset, two motion controllers, two sensors that are made to track the movement of the user and all the necessary cables.


Oculus Rift- This is one of the better VR headsets you can buy. But it’s quite expensive, almost not worth buying because if you invest like a hundred more you can buy a far more advanced VR headset.

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