The Best Laptop in 2016

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-22
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The title of the best laptop in 2016 goes to Dell XPS 13. Why is this the best laptop you might ask, well here is all the information about the new Dell model.

Smallest 13-inch display on the planet

Dell has successfully managed to squeeze a 13-inch display into a small 11-inch frame. The display is ultra-thin making the whole laptop light. The XPS 13 has the latest UltraSharp QHD display which gives the user picture detail with 5.7 million pixels, also the display offers a viewing angle of 170°.


The brightness gives perfect view even outside. The whole display is also touch friendly that means you can control anything using just your fingers.

About the Design

There is not a lot that has been changed when it comes to the design of the laptop. It still has the same aluminum base and lid that provide stability to the laptop. This model is even thinner than the previous generation from Dell. The thinnest point on the XPS 13 is 9mm or 0.33 inches and the thickest point is 15 mm or 0.6 inches thick. One more thing that is different from the previous models is the weight, the difference is barely noticeable. The last model was 1.32 kg and the XPS 13 is 1.29 kg. This is for sure the lightest and thinnest laptop Dell has ever made. Users are happy that there were no significant changes made to the design of the XPS 13 because the previous one was perfect too.


For many people, this was a surprise that the Dell XPS 13 surpassed the MacBook Pro in almost every aspect. Surprisingly the Dell XPS 13 is around a $100 cheaper than the Apples MacBook Pro. That was a surprise because Dell’s XPS 13 offers a much sharper colored screen, more powerful processor and the equal amount of RAM and storage as the MacBook Pro.

Overall the XPS 13 offers more and better quality than any other laptop on the market for a reasonable price. One more addition we forgot to mention is that the XPS 13 has a built-in full-size SD card slot.

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