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Star Citizen – Future of the open-space games

By Nick Caver / 2017-11-30

Many developers tried to create an ultimate space exploration game, and some of them came close to achieving it. But none of them managed to create a game that will allow the player to invest hundreds of hours into it. Starlancer was close to that, and for more than a decade, it remained as a […]


Easy Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter

By Nick Caver / 2017-08-10

Visibility and Branding Just by having a Twitter account, you are able to create your own brand image that can become popular online. However, you have to use it in a special way, so you are not wasting your time, you have to know what and how to do certain things on Twitter in order […]


Best VR Headsets For 2017

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-23

If you are planning on buying a VR headset, it is good to know which one is the best and why. We have gathered some crucial information about the most popular ones so you can make your choice by comparing them. Before we start listing the headsets you need to know that there are 2 […]


The Best Laptop in 2016

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-22

The title of the best laptop in 2016 goes to Dell XPS 13. Why is this the best laptop you might ask, well here is all the information about the new Dell model. Smallest 13-inch display on the planet Dell has successfully managed to squeeze a 13-inch display into a small 11-inch frame. The display […]


Is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safe to Use?

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-21

The majority of people is somewhat scared to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge because of the recent incidents that happened. If you are not familiar with the story well there were some reports from Samsung Galaxy S7 users that phones are “exploding”. It wasn’t quite the explosion but the phones really […]


How To Clean Smartphone Touch Screen

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-17

Do you despise the finger denote that happen on a touchscreen of your cell phone when you play diversions and with consistent utilize as well? At that point take after our manual for clean touchscreen of cell phone effortlessly and keep it glossy constantly. You can likewise take after this manual for clean the touchscreen […]



By Nick Caver / 2016-11-09

People are becoming more and more alienated with social networking computers nowadays. We have all become “pink monkeys” trained to react to the sounds that our cell phones and smartphones are producing and expecting some sort of attention and validation from it and that attention is what is basically Pavlof experiment. We all live some […]


Specification And Review Of Latest MacBook Pro

By Nick Caver / 2016-11-02

The latest MacBook pro is more powerful and much faster than any other previous model. This new MacBook Pro is extremely thin and light. If has the most colorful and brightest display ever. This model introduces for the first time in the MacBook Pro series the Touch Bar. This is essentially a Multi-Touch enabled strip […]


Why Is VR The Next Big Thing

By Nick Caver / 2016-10-14

Nowadays there is a lot of talking going on about VR ( Virtual Reality ), even media and news are making articles about it. Let’s start from the beginning what is VR? The simplest explanation is that it is a type of computer technology that is designed to create the simulated environment. Unlike regular user […]


Which iPhone 7 To Buy?

By Nick Caver / 2016-10-01

A lot of people have the dilemma of which iPhone 7 is better. If you are one of those people who hasn’t decided yet which one is better for you and why then we strongly suggest that you read through this article. We will try to explain the differences between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 […]

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