Artificial Intelligence Examples Of Applications 

Artificial Intelligence

The majority of people might not even know this, but AI is affecting your everyday life. It is most likely to have even a bigger impact in the coming years. Some people are using it every day and don’t even know it. You will be surprised when you find out where is AI got in the past few years. We created a small list of examples where people are using AI.

Personal Assistants (Virtual)

Virtual personal assistants or more commonly known as Siri, Google NOW or Cortana are essentially virtual assistants that are part of some platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. Their job is to find information about the thing you have asked.


They are designed to listen to the user’s voice. They gather the information from the internet and quickly providing it to you. Cortana is made to learn about the user to one day anticipate the user needs. You can use them to gather information or help you organize your schedule.

Smart Cars

The idea behind a smart car is to make a car that will require absolutely no help from a human and it is closer than you think. The most popular smart self-driving car is the Googles Tesla car. The AI job is to look ahead at the road and make smart decisions depending on the information it has gathered by looking. There were already some tests done on the road and the results are very promising.

We just need to wait for few more years before we see a self-driving can on the open road.

Online Customer Support

A lot of websites provide to their visitors the opportunity to communicate with a representative while they are on the site. If you thought that everyone of that customer support has a person on the other side ready to communicate, you are wrong. In most cases, you are actually chatting with an AI. You can tell if the customer support is real or not just by the answers it’s giving you.


Some of the Ai are designed to give correct information from the website when the user asks. This type of AI is known as bots. These bots used in customer support are getting more and more advanced all the time, we can expect one day to get an answer to any question we have to ask.

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